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Many companies allow you to make a payment online or via phone. Please call the numbers provided or click on your company’s link to learn about available payment options.


To report a loss during our business hours please call our office at 201-337-8181. For your convenienceĀ  you may also report a claim directly via your company’s phone or web link listed below. In the event of a severe loss, please contact our emergency numbers: 201-259-2533 or 201-819-1701. Be sure to protect your property after a loss, take photos if possible and save damaged items until your claims adjuster has reviewed your claim with you.

800-360-2277 800-360-2277
Fax: 856-779-7289
American Collectors Billing American Collectors Claims
800-543-2644 800-375-2075
American Modern Billing American Modern Claims
Andover Billing Contact Ramapo Insurance at 201-337-8181
Create a login to make one time credit card or check payments online. After hours or on weekends: 800-225-0700
Andover does not presently offer pay by phone. Automatic payments via Electronic Funds Transfer from checking or saving can be set up at time of a new application or 3 weeks prior to renewal. Andover Claims
609-219-9100 1-800-315-6090
Axis Insurance through G&G Billing Email:
Fax: 866-261-8507
Chubb Billing Chubb Claims
Chubb Billing – Personal Insurance 1-800-CLAIMS-0 (1-800-252-4670)
Chubb Billing – Business Billing Workers Compensation Claims: 1-800-699-9916
Coastal Agents Alliance Payment Options QBE Specialty: 800-239-0229
Payments can be made online via V-Check or Credit Card. Underwriters at Lloyd’s London: 1-855-345-3235
Pay by phone not available
(Need billing account number from invoice begins with an “F”)
Worker’s Compensation: 1-866-967-5256
Foremost Claims
1-800-532-4221 1-800-527-3907
Foremost Billing Foremost Claims
1-800-336-3642 (Prompt 3) 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM 1-800-842-0551 (Option 4)
My FMI Account – Pay My Bill FMI Claims
888-220-9565 800-922-4050
Hagerty Account Management Hagerty Claims
1-866-467-8730 1-800-327-3636
E-check by phone or online. No credit card payment available.
Hartford Billing Hartford Claims
1-866-290-2920 1-800-362-0000
Liberty Mutual Billing Liberty Mutual Claims
Automated Attendant: 1-800-450-9239 (24/7) During Business Hours: 1-800-223-0534
Direct Bill Customer Service: 1-800-637-6309 Automated 24/7: 800-343-9131 (24/7)
Mercer & United Fire Group Billing Severe Losses after hours: 1-800-235-8784
Mercer & United Fire Group Online Claims
New Jersey Fax: 888-514-9190
1-800-638-6620 (Inquiries Only – No online or pay by phone available.) 1-800-767-4341
Can fax credit or debit card information with invoice to: 1-800-742-3148 Fax: 1-800-742-3148
Call Ramapo Insurance at 201-337-8181 Call Ramapo Insurance at 201-337-8181
Mail checks payable to: Insurance Services Inc., PO Box 8586, Emeryville, CA 94608 Call Ramapo Insurance at 201-337-8181
Overnight send to: 5835 Doyle St., Suite 115, Emeryville, CA 94608
1-877-725-6423 1-800-437-3535
Plymouth Rock Assurance Billing Plymouth Rock Assurance Claims
1-888-511-2455 1-800-333-7642
Preferred Mutual Billing Options Preferred Mutual Claims
Preferred Mutual Quick Pay Email:
1-800-888-7764 1-800-274-4499
Progressive Billing Progressive Claims
(24/7 need 9 digit account number from billing statement)
(During regular business hours, policy number needed)
Selective Claims
Selective Billing
1-800-747-3576 1-877-348-0552
Selective Flood Billing Selective Flood Claims
609-219-9100 1-800-315-6090
Starr Indemnity through G&G Billing Email:
Fax: 866-261-8507
Personal Insurance Payments: 1-800-842-5075 Personal Insurance Claims: 1-800-CLAIM33 (1-800-252-4633)
Travelers Personal Insurance Billing Travelers Personal and Business Claims
Personal Insurance Automatic Payment Plans Business Insurance Claims: 1-800-238-6225
Commercial Payments: 1-800-252-2268
Travelers Business Insurance Billing
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